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In Between Thresholds: Channeling the End of the Energetic Year of 2022

Don't get confused, we are all in the agreed upon 2023, but if you follow the astrological year/energetic year, then we are still swimming in the last spittle of the 2022 year which had us fighting to connect to new relationships and create new "tribe" for the onset of this year, which is just a few weeks away. In some of my other works, like the monthly lunar guide (in the shop) or weekly report (found on Patreon), I mentioned tapping into this sense of just "tiredness." Tired of this, tired of that, and really coming into an acknowledgement of what you are done experiencing and learning. Pay attention to those feelings right now, though I think they might be hard to ignore. They're not negative!!!! They are the wisest thing you could listen to at this time. But what I find important is to move a little deeper into the purpose they serve and what you can do to help use that energy to mold and harness fabulous spell casting as you cross the threshold of years in the next few weeks.

Instead of just sitting in the lamentation of "I'm so sick of this," I want you to really sit in the fact that those feelings occur because you have completed a cycle. That's an accomplishment!!! Take a second to sit in gratitude for being able to end a cycle, be fulfilled by the lessons, evolved in your being and ready to embody a new story and experience. Celebrate this longing for something else long enough to frame an idea of what "it" is you now long for. To use myself (instead of others, because trust me I have examples, it's just not my business), I was just sitting in my lamentation (a sacred ritual by the way) with a trusted friend in regards to my tiredness around confronting my sensitivity and fighting for its importance and for the poet inside of me, which are interrelated. I was getting passionate and I could feel the energy rising within me as I cast out and dispelled feelings I would normally hold inside and be drowned and exhausted by. I observed my cycle of realization from just being annoyed, trapped, and limited to wriggling and shaking lose a skin I realized had grown too tight. I heard myself as I shifted into sharing how long and hard I have fought to regenerate and honor the sacred space of my sensitivity, of my poetic channels and how I didn't need conflict to remember how important it was to me. Then, a miraculous thing happened. An orgasmic, sensual sense of longing and passion and union came over me. I felt the magnetism of my desire and I spoke aloud the desire and longing to be in communion with people who were also confident and honoring their most wounded places and ready to simply be in union of celebration, and in freedom of expression and readiness to leave behind this shame game. And that's when I felt like sharing with you this experience.

You can absolutely speak desires to the Universe about "I am so sick of this." You can also absolutely speak your desire as "I am so ready for" or "I long for...." You are asking for the same thing, and you will get it either way, but how we frame our words is where the subtle differences happen, and ultimately, the energy we conjure to us in our spell casting of desire. One will likely draw to you more people who are also "sick" of the same thing, and perhaps the empowerment will arouse you. For me, I am ready for peace and for not sharing the conflict energy with others as a bonding experience and uniting of power. I want power in peace, in grace, in security and in freedom. I am ready to be supported and uplifted where there once was competition and insecurity. I am ready for wisdom and communion where there was only petty passive aggression and jealousy. Give me the roses, the pink energy, the white dragons of Sophia, and the whispers of the universal mysteries as a lullaby in my ear, soothing my heart and awakening my soul.

It is an in between time, and I hope you are spell casting what feels best for you. xoxox

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