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Image by Lucas Marcomini
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My Unique Star Print

It's really important to me that I lead in valuing each other for our unique imprint and its tie to a cosmic frequency instead of identifying ourselves through work titles and service enticement. For me, it feels more timeless, liberated, and within my personal power. Let us all be more intentionally held, not taken. xoxo

Image by Lucas Marcomini

My Soul's Promised Imprint

I have a unique destiny to travel into the spiritual realms, and through many mediums, and regenerate lost or forgotten wisdom to re-inspire our human existence. The frequency I emanate is that of creative innocence, not unlike the energy of the Muse. This isn't to say I'm pure and innocent in the sense we have come to know it, but rather a retention of pure integrity in my desire to protect everyone's right and ability to be the creator of their world and in deep relation to their own spirituality. I stand for the right to live an inspired life and the experience of living in soul deep expression. I am a Dreamer at Soul and it is my fulfillment to incite and inspire your dreams by simply being myself.


I follow the Spiral Path, which often looks backwards or wrong these days where we all want absolutes and fixed routines to placate the uncertainty of our time. I seek to be liberated from conditioning and programming in order to be attuned to the divine circulation of energy and light. My soul came here to inspire others to regenerate a relationship with their creative cycles, spiritual essence, and infinite resources. I promote the practice of radical self acceptance and celebration as a means to heal the wounds that limit us from our potential and true form.


I have a closed aura as a Manifestor (Human Design) which allows me to channel/travel with integrity and authenticity. I am not meant to fit expectations, but to stand in my original vibration, follow my creative urges, and initiate you either through the intoxication of my being or your repelled response to it. I'm not for everyone, and that is okay with me. Exclusivity is sacred. But, because of my closed aura, I have to practice informing others, or else I am subject to projection and misunderstanding of those outside my intimate circle. I have to consciously let you see me :) 

I am currently working to create a framework that guides you through your own spiritual awakening and arrival to sovereignty. It will mix a number of spiritual practices, but with enough freedom that you have full control over what manifested and connects to you. My mission is always spiritual liberation and bringing individuals back to their wild, divine and liberated light.

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