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Lunar Astrology: Aries Cycle Guide 2023

Because I will be switching my lunar guides to a public (and free) platform, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to skim through the first two issues of the lunar year in the event that you'd like to catch up before the Cancer Cycle drops. I'll release the Gemini Cycle Guide after last quarter out of respect for the last of the subscribed issues from Patreon. Don't forget, I follow the Fagan-Allen system which is a western sidereal that incorporates astronomy and the influence of Egyptain astrology. Below is the first issue from this year and the Taurus cycle will promptly follow. Enjoy! Lunar Astrology can take you deep into a path of self awareness, cycle and pattern attunement, emotional dialogue (the soul's voice) and inspire a new sense of wonder about your own life.

Lunar School, Wolf Year Vol. 1
Download PDF • 35.65MB

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