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Jupiter Direct: Active Shifts in Abundance

Jupiter will go direct tomorrow, December 31, just ahead of our Greogrian new year. In some ways it aids in confirming the annual cycle us humans have created and so if you choose to follow this calendar year, let it be in unison with the divine timing of Jupiter direct. Essentially Jupiter in Aries is an energy that allows us to connect to the abundance of our own ideals and instinctive identity, our singular desire and passion on a soul level and how it is the driving force of our actions. In retrograde, we were given time to adjust, understand and rewrite what that was. Especially in any areas of life that seemed to lack the production of abundance, expansion and good fortune. Knowing your chart and where this transits will always offer you clarity.

At the 10th degree, we station on big pivotal energy before walking back through the steps we just retraced, changing our course and path as needed and based in the wisdom we have gained by going inward and re-exploring ourselves. Pay attention to the journey you are always being asked to take, something that comes around and around in your life and consider how it is something you could have ignored in the past or didn't commit to it as fully as you could have. This is your ship, the adventure you are designed to sail upon. Don't miss the path this time when it arrives tomorrow (or while Jupiter is stationed direct at the same degree until Jan 17). Pay attention to the aspects it will make to your charts during this period to anticipate if you so wish to know. Or seek out a reading with me if you are so called and we can organize that :)

Anyway, when we say yes to the invitation, we are automatically changing our course and so our prograde energy over the degrees of Jupiter's Retrograde are instantly altered. If not, that invitation will persist and persist through prograde, maybe in less aligned ways, until you have missed your chance. You can't say you haven't been warned or initiated! Let your fascination guide you into expansion and depth of whatever it is. See it in all its forms and expressions and be swept up by the beauty of the experience. It's not a short and quick thing but a long journey that is made to take you towards fulfillment, abundance and good fortune. What's there to say no to?

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