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Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse April 2024

I am mostly making this a purposeful post so that I can inform anyone who may come across this (especially my tribe) that I will be on vacation this week. Any correspondence will be sorted through next Monday upon my return. Also, because of this, I will do my best to have up at very least the relevant portion of the next lunar guide on time, with perhaps a part two as time allows because this lunar year has just been too good to drop off of. So with that out of the way, and my limitations of production in mind, I did want to kind of do a little shout out for Mercury Retrograde, and the Solar Eclipse in the event that I cannot really add them in to the lunar magazine.

Mercury will retrograde today at 02 degrees Aries (sidereal/astronomical astrology) and make its way back to 21 degrees Pisces. It's really important to remember that retrogrades are for inner work, self awareness, and recognition of mental, habitual and communication/thought processes so that we can actively repattern them during the post shadow transit when Mercury moves "forward" again. So during the actual retrograde, we are being asked to become self observant within the context of the transit energies.

In Aries, Mercury becomes really idealistic, and not in the naive, happy, shiny way. It takes on this kind of militant, penetrating and ground breaking energy, where our personal ideals kind of run the show, and anything that combats or challenges it will likely get a nice little fiery response from us. The trick with retrograde is to remember that whatever falls into this category is under review because there is some kind mis-aligned energy at play here. Knowing where this transit is happening in your natal chart (and solar return and lunar return for advanced) will really help you kind of draw in the awareness. For me, this is a natal 9th house retrograde, so I know that ideals around my lifestyle, and the inspiration I want to "fight" to bring forth is changing. It is likely that the journey has gone in all the ways it can go and so now it's time to prepare for a new one that is surfacing. In that, I am also being asked to review my lifestyle and how I protect the current vulnerabilities of my mental wellness (mental vulnerabilities is really everyone).

When Mercury moves back into Pisces, it will scrape over the Sun, Venus and Chiron in that process, bringing up wounds in relationships that anchored victim mentality within us, based on self sacrificing habits we picked up in our attachment to these relationships that genuinely were not ever for us to start with. And so we will have to dive pretty deep into our healing, identify the relationship being brought up, how we self-sacrificed in that relationship, what the motivation for doing it was (guilt, shame, manipulation), and how in our decision to do that, we curated this mentality of victimhood we are super attached to, almost to the point where it has made a belief within our lives. "I can never have what I want," is a great example. "I am never appreciated," is another one. We have to realize in those moments we can't have what we want when we are always putting ourselves last, and we will never be appreciated when we do not first appreciate ourselves or take the time to offer ourselves in ways authentic to the relationships we are experiencing during this time. This wound, above all else, will most likely be the source of hopelessness within your mental circus and what it does is cut you off from Spirit, from divinity, from spirituality, and ultimately just makes you feel really alone and disconnected, projecting that spiritual loss onto those around you and wondering why you are so miserable. Tough words, but it's the direct truth from which all of us can find ourselves again.

This retrograde runs from 04/01/24-04/23/24. You have time. Take a glance at where this hits in your chart. Let it sink it, chew it around for a day or two, and most importantly be aware of when you begin to experience it. And if you experience it objectively because you're not paying attention, through things like computer failures, miscommunications and all of that, review the event in its symbolic sense and what the thing represents to you. Spirit has a really stubborn way of finding a delivery for the message, so empower yourself with it!

Now in regards to the solar eclipse, I will keep things very simple, mostly because I haven't had the time to really go deep into it myself. My perspective and opinion of the eclipses cycles vary as I take a long journey into the ancient skill of timekeeping and the astronomical cycles that are long in scale. When I find that bottom line, I will be sure to share it. For now, the one thing that I can share in certainty is that the two weeks between the eclipses is the potent time for dramatic, immediate and sometimes chaotic, changes. While they can play out globally as a massive shared shift in consciousness, I am built to focus on the individual and microcosmic element. It's a time where we can experience miracles. The time after these two weeks have a six mont impact that is a little less obvious, but also within the context and purpose of our bigger changes in life.

Glancing briefly at the solar eclipse, it happens in Pisces at 24 degrees, and has a lot to do with surrender, as it would in Pisces. This is about surrendering worries, wounds, pains, fears and anything you do not know how to solve on your own, to the Divine Feminine (or Spirit). It is a massive shift in the way we use, embody, and live our spirituality and falling deeper into whatever it is we have faith in. If you are faithless, I am sure that will also be felt in big ways. For me, a solar eclipse has more to do with the way we live our life and experience our external and objective worlds, the way we move in that (a lunar eclipse is more about massive inner changes). This will then initiate the six month period I spoke of, until our next set of cycles. For me, this solar eclipse, as a short term cycle, will close with the next lunar eclipse. While the previous lunar eclipse we just had was the close of the solar eclipse from fall of last year. The longer scale, like 18 year stuff, I am not equipped to guide anyone on at this time.

So to give this a little bit more of a complete picture, think about the lunar eclipse and changes that felt finalized. It may have had something to do with services you provide, health routines and habits, moving away from things that really do not align with who you actually are, healing self criticism or judgment of others. As result, you were likely presented with a shift in your sense of purpose, how you show up in your life, what you offer. Since then, this kind of open door has taken more form, maybe you can identify what you are shifting into after having let go of all those things, maybe you even know exactly where you're now heading even if the path has not really formed. This is likely what you will be initiated towards or into at the solar eclipse, and it may take a bit of a leap (or fall) of faith. But I'm telling you, miracles can happen from it. So my wish is that you find yourself in that position. If not, then take the healing that's being offered through the guidance of higher dimensional wisdom and love. If you cannot love yourself the way you need to, then let Spirit, your guides, the Goddess show you. And they will. xoxoxo.

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