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Mercury Rx: Reconnecting to Lost Joy

When: 13 degrees Sagittarius-27 degrees Scorpio (ends Jan. 1)

Subject: Reconnecting to Lost Joy

As some of you know, I am really advocating for these transits to be moments in time with our life being the thing that fills it. So I am aiming to share what I have channeled in a concise and simple way so we can all get busy living the energy and co-creating with it.

Mercury Retrograde is a time for our consciousness to shift inward and aid us in our evolution of self wareness or to become more aware of our Self in the Now, where it is likely on an autopilot from the past. In Sagittarius, this is the journey of the seeker turning inward, looking for spiritual answers to what causes our mundane mindset/thoughts. The degree point at which we stationed retrograde deals with becoming more sensitive to our "unseen" connections. This can be to past lives, to ancestors, or to past relationships that have set up a station in the mind radio of our inner thoughts and dialogues. When end retrograde at 27 degrees Scorpio, which deals with being unified with joy we have forgotten was valuable to us.

So basically this retrograde is about locating where our habitual or conditioned inner dialogue has convinced us not to prioritize what makes us happy. Which also means it's here to help us rediscover joy as a source of fulfillment; and from a deeper level than this surface society and what we have been told will make us happy. We are reconnecting to Soul Joy.

Important Dates

12.30.23: The sun will be at the degree we stationed retrograde, highlighting what joy we are regenerating.

01.01.24: Mercury stations direct in Scorpio, consciously reuniting us with the depth this connection to joy offers us.

01.15.24: Mars is at the degree Mercury went retrograde, offering us inspiration to act upon this joy in a way that excites us.

01.20.24: Mercury ends post shadow and we move on.

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