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Sidereal Lunar Astrology: Cancer Full Moon 2024

I hope you enjoy the cover of the magazine in the image above as much as I do. I have so much fun designing these things and look forward to sharing them with anyone who stumbles upon it.

Below is a free, downloadable PDF for the sidereal cancer full moon 01/11/24. For most of us it will activate in our sleep, and so pay attention to dreams and how they may apply. There are many ways to utilize this lifestyle guide. You can information overwhelm and let it pop up in importance as you live your life, or you can choose to save it to your computer or phone and read one section at a time. I prefer to do it this way because it does tend to get overwhelming all in one go. I also recommend utilizing the tarot spread at the full moon, when we most likely have the ability to understand what the cards are trying to tell us.

If you want to know why I have chosen to use the sidereal program (Fagan Allen, which to me is currently a basically astronomical calculation and reflects what you see in the sky) I have a post on my blog that goes into deeper detail. I hope you enjoy engaging the lunar path and the astrology centered from the movement of the moon. Practicing a sidereal lunar astrology program has changed my life exponentially and am happy to share in hopes it does the same for you! xoxox

Lunar School, Wolf Year Vol. 4
Download PDF • 38.82MB

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