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Spring Equinox: Poetic Inspiration

As we come ever closer to our natural cycle of rebirth and new beginnings, you might find yourself feeling the contractions. You may feel the intensity rise and fall like a labor of breath upon your chest, your heart pumping out wishes for joy and celebration as the seasons change. We are somewhere in between death and birth, in the lingering and intoxicating tease of rebirth, the essence most available to us in Spring. It is the season that beckons us to be in love with things we cannot explain, and to take pleasure in a dream others cannot yet understand. It is the season of the Flower Maiden, of Olwen of the white tracks, who leaves trefoils where her beautiful feet touch the ground (which is really funny because trefoils, in the language of flowers, means revenge, and yet she is a goddess of joy and splendor. How witty it is to leave joy as revenge in places that are devoid). She teases us in her delight, in her movement that has no trepidation, no care other than her own pleasure and fulfillment. It is a time of innocence and of play, to explore the world once again after a long slumber.

Just as the Mother Bear knows, emerging stiff and hungry from her beautiful den, it is time to detoxify, to move and regenerate the Spirit so that it may dance once again in the vibration between our atoms, filling our voids with the song of the soul. Remember this when you are feel contracted or resisting to the rising energy inside of you. Give it somewhere joyful to go, somewhere to move, something to play with and I assure you this rebirthing period can be shamelessly sensational.

On an astrological note, this is the silver lining of the Mars and Neptune square who is working to wake you up to the dream that is presenting itself to you. Those contractions are asking you to squeeze those muscles and release the feel good energy they've been storing over the course of winter, stillness and reflection. Venus moved into Taurus today, activating in divine timing a stirring with our inner relationship to desire and sensuality, guiding us into a wanton state for feel good energies. Indulge yourself in them! Restore your self and wipe the sleep from your eyes, a new and delicious relationship to the world around you is waiting for you to take pleasure in it, to find your place in its abundance and its beauty. In fact, it is your (our!) destiny to engage in this glorious relationship to the heaven on Earth around us, or maybe you have forgotten it in the gray veil of disillusionment and mental programming. If so, let this be your loving reminder. Contract. Move. Release. Expand.

I am not one for traditional rituals or ceremonies, though I do try very hard to honor the 8 points of the year in anyway I have energy. In fact it has been something I sought to prioritize more this year, and so I will be making a spring delighted decor of my altar for the Equinox on the 20th. We will be, as a family, celebrating "Easter" on this day as well, realigning to the cycles and light of our greater beings and cosmic families which we are linked to with stardust. Face east and make a wish on this day, at very least, because the gods of Spring, of spiritual inspiration and light, are alive and listening from the future veiled beyond us.

And in the event you felt I may have forgotten the day, I certainly have not. Today, I bless the Snakes, the healers (mostly women) who were driven from their sacred lands and buried in the dust of memories in turn for the ever spinning wheel of time. I remember them, and I remember the ways of the constant cycle which drives us all despite our forgetting. Death. Rebirth. Birth, and Life. I know others are remembering too, and it will be a fortunate time to experience as we all seek and desire to become more deeply connected with the movement of the stars, as a part of this world and it's mirrors far beyond it. Happy's All Snakes Day.

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