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The Cosmic Chess Board: Saturn and Pluto Changing Signs in March

photo: Christian Lambert

I don't think I have ever really attempted to write publicly, in detail, about astrological shifts before. It has mostly been confined to my subscribers and trusted friends. To be honest, it kind of scares me because I can't say that I really title myself as an astrologer, but as a psychic/channeler/mystic that uses it as a tool to divine the messages I'm here to share. Because I am someone who is lead and guided by the moon, it is natural for me to really take dreams seriously. Dream worlds are real, astral worlds are real, eye-magi-nation is real. Due to the faith I have in my dreams and years of developing an understanding of its unique language, it has become a more reliant divination system for me than anything else!

At dark moons, in particular, the prophetic and insightful nature is amplified (it is for anyone who is closely aligned to lunar magic, in my opinion). As of late, I have been rather sensitive to the transitions with Mercury into Aquarius as a foretelling of things we may be in for when Pluto goes into the same sign at the end of March. What I hadn't really considered, yet, was Saturn who enters Pisces beforehand on March 7th. I have to admit my dreams now have been really unsettling and spur a kind of depression in their message. They have been showing old stories and patterns and expectations based on those patterns that I feel I have long overcome and outgrown. It plagues me to even imagine that this could be what I am in for with a 20 year transit of Pluto in Aquarius and a 3 year transit of Saturn in Pisces. The last few months have been incredibly challenging in that my journey has been treading incredibly sensitive parts of me and it has been taking all I have to manage that. And while I took a few hours today to mull over this dream, trying not to feel hopeless, it donned on me. While dreams are prophetic, they are always going to be most heavily influenced by your now. With Pluto hanging out at the last degree of Capricorn, this is a message of change through death and rebirth. It is Pluto sending a broadcast of warning, if I'm being honest, of where we could be headed if we don't get a grip and let go of our attachments to our wounds in the creative cycle of the Pisces moon. And this is where you have to understand the chess game (or the part we are focusing on now):

  1. Aquarius Lunar Cycle: Offered us a chance to create a better understanding of our unique impact on society, based in something we just are naturally.

  2. Mercury moved into Aquarius: Giving us insight into what we can expect with Pluto's 20 year stay in this sign within our Now. At best in support of the lunar cycle growth and manifestation.

  3. Pisces Lunar Cycle: Utilizes the first half, the active and creative half, of its energy to help birth a support system and a sense of purpose for what we feel we are naturally (and for those not in lunar school....think of it as your unique frequency of love).

  4. Saturn moves into Pisces: A squeeze on our delusions, trauma bonds, and negative romanticism of life takes place. It is designed to help us realize our dreams in ways that actually make them come true. So if you tend to live in La-La-Land, it's going to be a tough transit. If you've been in flow with the cosmos, I truly believe this is a period where major spiritual growth and leveling up happens as long as you're willing to get your hands dirty. If you haven't, I think it's going to be three years of some tough love around where you dissociate from life and stay in a fantasy in order to avoid that same work. I always find that work of Saturn is found in the opposing sign, where the limitation and boundaries and hard stops and karmic lessons exist within the sign it's transiting. So again, the work will probably be very Virgoic in nature and will provide a lot of efficiency, practicality and also crisis energy anytime you are not operating from the purity of who you are.

  5. Pluto moves in Aquarius: In some ways, this is our entrance into power around that unique impact, and you have probably been feeling the ramp up to contribute to making this place a better experience to live in for some time. This happens at the end of March on the 23rd (I think). Because this is a generational transit, there is a lot of ground to cover in terms of telepathic energy and mental programming and mass hysteria, but also the regeneration of the most revolutionary parts of the individual as the design your soul created as this human Self with the full intention to make good on that unique impact energy (for the sake of love).

So how does this all kind of pan out for us now, and what we are feeling in the sensitivity of a telepathic dark moon and the beginning of a boundary-less new moon? With Pluto still in Capricorn at the last degree, I truly think that it is an intense death rite in all things oppressive, conditioned and depressing of who we are as individuals seeking to have a life of meaning. Everyone's story is going to be different, here, because these transits are all hitting different parts of our lives through our natal chart.

If you have been having unsettling dreams and feeling really rocked by the thought that you have another 20 years of having to work through your trauma, pain and self sacrificing, soul shattering wounds, I want to tell you I really think this is just a goodbye message from Pluto. And maybe as a last shockingly rude message that will ensure you don't want to go back that way again when the thresholds open and you have a choice of which one you are going to cross. Whatever is making you feel like you'd rather die, or are dying, in your dreams leave it in peace knowing that these long held wounds are ending, especially if you have shown up dutifully and courageously to heal. And if you think about it, just as our Virgo full moon hits, hours after it's exact, and we begin engaging passive energy that slowly loses the efficiency and work ethic of Virgo (or any earth sign, really) we have the Divine limitations of Saturn changing into Pisces, to hold us in our boundaries where we may have the hardest time doing it. Will it suck? Maybe for some, but maybe some of us will feel like our prayers for help have been answered. It's all how you choose to show up in relationship with Saturn and how willing you are to learn these momentous lessons in mastery.

Pluto on the other hand, I think is going to be really good for all of us in terms of rebirth and regeneration, but it's going to rock our worlds for a little bit first in that intense beginning of a new sign (who happens to be ruled by unpredictable Uranus). Expect all the "old dudes" feeling themselves and their desire to remain in power within the social systems we live in, while simultaneously watching them flounder in their inability to keep up with the generations after them. But that's the pass the torch....Aquarius says the only constant is change and it's time to be empowered by aligning with the security that offers you. Can you think of how to see change as something to count on in your life, and as something that provides a sense of security? ("This can't last forever" is one example).

All in all, this is some intensely healing moments in the human experience (in my opinion) and it's going to leave all of us feeling kind of vulnerable. That's why Saturn wants to teach us really tough lessons about the value of unconditional love and where we show up as natural examples of that. We cannot be everything to everyone all of the time, but we can absolutely be powerfully impacting in the love we know we are most naturally able to give, unconditionally. And that is how you revolutionize your world into a rebirth with Aquarius. Stay focused and this can be a time you might never forget in your personal evolution. Know your chart and where these transits are happening, make sure you have an idea of what has been changing and strengthening in you since January. Make a plan and you will prosper!

And for the love of Sophia, be intentional about the content you consume for the next week xox0

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