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Tropical Astrology is a Controlled Program

In my effort to share, teach, inspire and guide I wanted to write something about my personal experience and understanding of astrology and my ever passionate desire to return to the purest form of the practice; which often means looking far back into the most ancient practices. I have also come to find that most of my hesitation is in this senseless need to really roll it out in this beautiful storyline with no detail spared. I am beginning to realize that sometimes, it’s okay to skip the details in favor for the bigger picture. I have realized that, despite storytelling as a passion, I often run out of energy simply framing the damn thing, and then never get to the story telling. Or I waste all my inspiration babbling my excitement to my inner circle, and then never having what I need left in the tank to get it down on paper. And given that today is the new moon in Taurus and we are resurrecting our force of creation at its more physical, base level, I am going to have to throw out the overthinking and precise verbiage in favor of the raw story. So here it is.

I have spent years trying to reconcile within my sense of Truth the purpose of all the different ways we utilize astrology. I have always leaned towards the logic that if it exists, it has a purpose. In a way, it has been a part of the larger story being written through me too, but I have finally come to a sense of peace with my understanding. So much so, that I am settled into this perspective and moving onto other things with the integration of this wisdom. There is always this conflict between eastern and western culture, often times with a whole bunch of shit being talked about colonizing westerners. But alas, that is not the purpose of this article. We will pull that trigger on another day, perhaps when there’s more fire and brimstone in my soul. Today, I am grounded, wise, and ready.

With some study and deep, deep meditation here is where I stand. Tropical astrology is purely a calculation in order for our seasons to remain in the same spot year after year. It is a circle that never ends or changes, much like the black serpent, who eats its own tail. When we look to the stars, to the movement of the universe itself, it isn’t a circle, but a spiral and it’s that spiral path our ancestors walked for a very, very long time. We often look back to them to remember and attempt to pull ourselves out of the ditch we’ve gotten into, but we get so distracted by factual accuracy that we have no time for practice, embodiment and modernization (how triggery is that word for you?). The Greeks, during their age of reason and logic, when the brilliance of their philosophers were in a pique role culturally, worldwide, created this system in an attempt to squash the spiral path, to squash the essence of the goddess and the serpent who transforms and changes so that they could marry their mind and control the cosmos through this calculation of astrology. They tested it for 60 years and then that was that; it panned out and they never looked back. We have been relying on math ever since. If you were to literally look at the sky at the Spring Equinox, the Sun would not be in the constellation of Aries, but Pisces. So why in the fuck would we embrace a Sun in Aries for the spring equinox? Why is it so outlandish to consider a Pisces Spring Equinox and a shift in the way we energetically align to the seasons and the magic of what they represent through all of existence? The Universe isn’t stagnant, and as a microcosm of it, neither are we!

Now trust me, I spent more than a month really in deep study and integration of what a Pisces Spring Equinox would express, how to fold that into the practice of human experience, plus what it meant for all the other moments in our year. And I have extensive beauty to share about it in its own special focus (which will be real triggery to those who argue about what “age” we are in). Once I had a grip on the movement from this place, I felt a radical shift in my energy and the All of everything opened to me in ways I could have never imagined. I can feel the flow of the universe, of our milky way system flowing with me and through me and it has been a life changing experience. I finally feel truly within the flow and alignment of nature itself. But it did make me ask myself about the value that Tropical does have and why it is still something that seems to pan out in our lives. Without the long and boring story, I came to the conclusion that it’s a program, a calculation, a false reality. It is the round pen that has corralled the herd and placed in a conditioned and manufactured environment. It is a look at the curated reality of man, separate from nature, where we are ruled by our fear, our programming, our conditioning and within the timeline of those who use and control our energetic rituals and movements for their benefit and capitalization.

The Tropical System puts you ahead of the literal sky by about 21 degrees. You are in a Magician’s farce, where you are constantly spellcasting ahead of the game, and trying to win ungrounded in the Now, constantly focused on what’s to come and in the identity of your greatest limitations. And you only half the worst half of the two pieces to your puzzle. If this is not another mirror of the rat race mentality, I don’t know what is. When I started to compare my natal chart in sidereal to tropical, I could see where the themes get anchored into anchored into the wrong placements and so your story is close enough that you can sense its truth, but you are using those archetypes and power in the wrong places. Do you often feel like you are doing everything right according to your astrology/natal chart and it’s still just a morsel of accomplishment you are hanging onto and telling yourself to be grateful for? Do you find yourself embracing the idea that it’s just how life is and that the best things are going to be a fight? Yeah, I did too. And it’s just accurate enough for us to buy into it. It’s the greatest deception of all time and I’m literally laughing thinking about it all again as I type.

But if you read the Tropical system alongside your sidereal natal chart, what’s revealed is a full look into your sovereignty and the soul’s journey to overcome and expand through challenges and limitations placed upon it. For example, I’m a tropical Leo stellium in the first with a Leo Rising. I spent my entire life working through my introversion as if it were a problem, shunning my poetry in favor for speaking out loud and in your face because I was a bad ass bitch Leo. I prioritized my “fabulous hair” and creative power as this Lenonine limelight power. I fought to find confidence in myself and embrace the DGAF attitude I just knew I was supposed to have in the name of the spiritual process, for the sake of the “good battle.”

In truth, as a Cancer Stellium with a Cancer Rising, I can view that Leo Stellium as the evolutionary growth of facing fears around being confident enough to embody, identify and express my identity as all of this Cancer energy. It supported my experiences being bullied for my sensitivity, my dreaminess, my love of staying in my room with imagination. It validated my unwarranted fear of attention as a child, and fears of the way adults seemed to be drawn to me in my kind of poetic innocence (again, that’s an entirely other story). It helped me make sense of who I was before I was told who I needed to be. So it’s not completely worthless and in need of forsaking. Just use it to your advantage and to beat the system. And that’s what my intention is, moving forward, in alignment with sidereal, the now and the actual flow of the universe.

Within that endeavor, I am pulling it all apart and giving Spiritual Astronomy a giant chiropractic adjustment. The more I study, the more I integrate, the more I see in my visions, the more I channel, the more I understand how condescended and pigeon holed “astrology” has become. I’m throwing out house themes. I’m throwing out planets being ruled by signs. I’m throwing out the singular house ruled by one sign. I am reincorporating ancient tradition, I am regenerating ancient knowledge about light (not just solar light and the nonsensical belief that the ancients had 1004583049 solar gods). I am weaving sound and symbol back into the system and tossing lines back out to the celestial and divine spheres. I am bringing back the Dream Web and Astronomer Priestess as the embodiment of “astrology.”

Stay Tuned. So much magic to come xoxo

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