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Lunar Return Chart

Lunar Return Chart


The Lunar Return renews itself everytime the moon transits your natal moon. It reflects your current self image, creative interests and inspiration, what you are healing emotionally and pyschologically, and offers what is most aligned to work on manifesting. The lunar energy itself is inward, most intimately connected to personal development, self awareness, and self identity. 


In this reading, we look at your Lunar Return and the current transits as a means to co-create with universal and planetary energies in order to amplify your experience and align you with a sense of truth which transcends societal constructs. 


It is best to orchestrate this with a time when your Lunar Return is renewing and I am happy to be in correspondence with you to identify an appropriate time to place your order. 


This is roughly a 28 day overview that focuses first on the expression of your return chart and secondly on prominent transits within the cycle of your return to help guide you towards auspicious days.

  • Requirements

    I will need an email and your natal chart information in order to create these readings. Please provide upon purchase. Delivery of product cant take between 3-7 days. I will be in correspondence with you about product delivery.

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