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Lunar Return Reading

Lunar Return Reading


If astrology really isn't your jargin but you follow it as most everyone does, this reading may be for you. This is based off of your Lunar Return like my other offerings, but uses oracle/tarot/divinatory tools to read the energy of each house for the 28 day period. Included is a brief description of house energies and themes so that you can apply it to your charts, align with the stars, and empower yourself without feeling like you have to have a Masters in astrology to understand it. 


I have many decks, which we can go through and you can pick, or I can pick intuitively. There is also an option to have your Lunar Return included in the pages of the reading (an image of it) if you provide the proper information.


I recommend planning or scheduling these readings for the start of a lunar return to get the complete opportunities they present. I am happy to help you figure out when that is, simply reach out! 


Ultimately these readings are designed to help you attune to your nature evolution, involve the planetary forces in your favor, and give you a glimpse into what the f*ck is going on with you so you can use it to your advantage. So often we focus on the wrong things at the wrong times, but when we see what energy is available to us, we can embrace it and empower our experience instead of just staying frustrated that what we pour into never really comes to fruition. 


(A lunar return is when the moon returns to the degree of your natal moon and offers us an up to date glimpse of what your inner world is doing and how you are changing. It can also show you what is most inspired in your life and so shows where the inner world is manifesting your external one)

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