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Star Heathen Spiritcraft

Aligning with Your Destiny

Through tarot, astrology, divinatory art, and vision rites we can awaken your unique and individual soul, heal your story and align you with the flow of your soul as a source of infinite abundance. 

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Star Heathen and Dreamer

But you can call me Bex.


 I have been consciously on this path since 2010, when I realized my skill for tarot and divination. I have studied and practiced the art of astrology for ten years, and have been an artist since birth. I have a deep passion for Irish culture, history, mythology and cosmology since I was a teen and have been an avid seeker for 20 years. My Papa immigrated from Ireland and I'm proud to have ancient Irish DNA in my genetic makeup. This is expressed throughout my work and offerings, without imposing any spiritual practice of belief upon you. I have a deep passion for taking timeless magical systems and spiritual practices and bringing them into our here and now so that we can have an intimate relationship with our spirituality in a way that doesn't feel disconnected to our current human experience. My goal is to transcend the eras and cultural limitations we often place on our spiritual path and put us in a place that is of a Divine Order. I am happiest when I am unlimited in my talents and methods of achieving this and can utilize divination, astrology, art and intellect to inspire others to find their own Soul archetype and consciousness.

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My Current Offerings

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Intuitive Tarot or Oracle  Session

Tarot and intuitive reading/channeling is my every day job. Divination sessions with me range from mundane answers to spiritual insight. There is very little I will turn away. My channels are poetic in nature and often do not come in the form of direct answers. So if you want to know the day and time your boyfriend is going to proprose to you, I am not the one to seek out. I am most passionate about spiritual seeking, personal development, reconnecting to personal Truth, and guidance through difficult situations. I would also lump dream interpretation here, as well as with astrology.

Intuitive Sessions with Me

Below is some general information about the readings I am currently offering. Check in the shop for weekly updates, more information, and availability. If you are a skeptic or require me to "prove" my gift, I am not the reader for you.

Tier 1

Tier 1 Readings


Tier 2 Readings


Tier 3 Readings

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